My Services

Private Lessons

Learning Tabla is a joyful and delightful process. Best way to learn Tabla is on a private one on one Basis. Why private? Why not in a Group? Because of many Benefits. The teacher can Focus on you, your strenghts, the Areas you Need to work on, techniques and style of Tabla playing. Hence the private lessons are the most efficient and fastest way to learn an Instrument.

Group Lessons

Learning in a Group can be beneficial and enjoable, when the student knows the Basics of the Tabla and is able to pick what the teacher wants to deliver. Group Classes are efficient for students who are into learning Tabla for a while and are easily able to pick the compositions. In a Group of 4 - 5 students, it is easier for the students as well as the teacher to reach everyone in the class. 

Skype Lessons

Learning on skype is also same as a private lesson but to teach a Group on skype can be a bit challenging for students to understand properly the Hand positions and techniques, because Tabla is an Instrument which involves different Hand positions and movements.


The Workshops organised in Music schools, Schools, different Institutes can make People get to know the Instrument well and the taste of it. Workshops can be from advanced learners of Tabla as well as the Basic learners or the no knowers of the Instrument. It can be tailored and made fit to the required needs for the students.


Visits involves from travelling and staying in a school provided guest houses or at a students provided guest house. The Duration of the stays can be from one to three weeks and involves extensive practice and ryaz sessions.